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Hey ****,

My name is **** and I'm part of the Talent Acquisition team here at Shopify. I've just had a chance to review your application. Thanks so much for your interest in Shopify.

It's been my job to look through every one's experience and try to match it to what we're looking for across our engineering team. Unfortunately, we have decided to move forward with some other candidates at this point, and so we won't be inviting you in for an interview this time.

Matching people to jobs is a complicated process, and it's made more complicated by the overwhelmingly qualified group of candidates we hear from everyday. Unfortunately, I don't have any concrete feedback to share with you at this point, except to encourage you to continue to check out our careers page -- we are always adding new roles to the team.

I've spent some time thinking about other roles that your experience might be a fit for, and I don't see any obvious matches at the moment. That being said, nobody has a better understanding of your experience and what you're capable of than you do. If you do see another role that you're interested in, feel free to apply and tell us why you think your experience is relevant.

Thanks again so much for your time, effort, and interest 🙏

Recruiter | Shopify


Hi *,

Thanks so much for your interest in Shopify and the backend developer intern role. We've just finished reviewing your application, and wanted to let you know that we won't be moving forward for this term. We are so impressed by the calibre of applications we've received this round, and we really appreciate the time and effort you've taken to submit yours. We encourage you to continue learning and pursuing your passions, and would definitely like to see you apply for a future term. You can keep an eye on our intern site for when the next roles will be posted.

All the best,

Intern Recruitment Team