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Hi *****,

Thanks so much for your interest in Glitch. We really appreciated you taking the time to apply for this position and have given careful consideration to your application.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer you a position at this time.

You should know that we receive a very large number of applicants for every open position that we list, and that requires us to make difficult decisions about who to hire, including sometimes not being able to make an offer to very talented people.

We thank you for considering us as part of your career, and wish the best of luck to you in your career search going forward. We’d also welcome you to keep following our career listings in the future and please don’t hesitate to apply again if one of those positions is an appropriate fit.

Due to the number of applicants we talk to, we don’t give individual feedback to candidates who don’t advance in our hiring process, but if you have other questions about Glitch, we’re happy to answer them.

Thank you,